Friday, March 27, 2009


WHICH IS MORE OBSCENE? The bonuses paid to its executives by the American International Group (AIG) or some of the prices the New York Yankees are charging to watch a baseball game at their new stadium in the Bronx.

In truth, it’s a close call. In fact, if you haven’t recently received a bonus for services rendered (or not as the case may be), then forget about going to the Yankees’ home opener against the Cleveland Indians on Thursday, April 16.

The good news is that there are still some tickets left. The bad news is that if you buy one, you won’t have much change left from $3,000.

Yes, you read correctly – $3,000. A seat in the Legends Suite will set you back $2,625, plus a convenience charge of $59.70.

I love that phrase, “convenience charge.” Is that a charge to use the public conveniences (Brit-speak for restrooms)? Whatever it is, it sure as hell ain’t being levied for your convenience.

After surveying the ticket prices at, it appears there is also a processing fee, no doubt to cover the cost of processing the convenience charge.

Okay, so you can sit in the nosebleeds (baseball-speak for the bleachers) for just $14 – if there are any left – but whatever you do, don’t take your car to the game because it will cost you more than the price of your seat to park at the new Yankee Stadium: $19, to be precise.

What, so you expected a concession due to the fact that you’d already bought a ticket to the game? Tsk, tsk.

Bronx Bombers bank on beating recession

Far better to let the train take the strain, providing, of course, that the new Metro North Station in the Bronx is open (I gather it won’t be for the first home stand of the season).

Take your checkbook with you if you want to sample one of Lobel’s freshly sliced dry-aged prime rib sandwich, which will sell for $15. My advice is Eat Fresh, Eat Subway. Failing that, eat on the subway itself.

I’ve yet to ascertain the price of beer but I can personally vouch for the fact that at the old Yankee Stadium, a 24 oz Heineken set you back $12.50.

Two beers for the price of…well, two, or maybe three, depending on whether its happy hour in your local boozer. At least you only have to make half as many trips to the bathroom.

Okay, so I know it’s all about supply and demand. After all, someone has to keep hefty-lefty CC Sabathia in hamburgers. 

Someone has to pay into Derek Jeter’s retirement fund and for A-Rod’s performance-enhancing drugs. Oops, sorry, he stopped taking them back in 2003 when he was young and stupid. Thank God he’s old and wise now.

I love baseball; I love the New York Yankees. I wish I could afford to buy the best seat in the house, but I can’t.

Only corporate America and companies like AIG can do that these days…or can they?

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